Evgenij N. Chernykh Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World

Aref Abu-Rabia Indigenous Medicine Among the Bedouin in the Middle East

Modern medicine has penetrated Bedouin tribes in the course of rapid urbanization and education, but when serious illnesses strike, particularly in the case of incurable diseases, even educated people turn to traditional medicine for a remedy. Over the course of 30 years, the author gathered data on traditional Bedouin medicine among pastoral-nomadic, semi-nomadic, and settled tribes. Based on interviews with healers, clients, and other active participants in treatments, this book will contribute to renewed thinking about a synthesis between traditional and modern medicine – to their reciprocal enrichment.

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Helen Jackson Ramona

Set in Southern California shortly after the Mexican-American War, Helen Hunt Jackson's «Ramona» is the fictional story of its title character, a part Scottish and part Indian orphan girl who endures great discrimination while growing up in the late 1800s. Immensely popular when first published in 1884, «Ramona» is a timeless story of the discrimination that people of different cultures have endured throughout history exemplified by the conflict of cultures between Mexican, American, and Indian cultures that occurred in Southern California at the end of the 19th century.

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Resat Kasaba A Moveable Empire

A Moveable Empire examines the history of the Ottoman Empire through a new lens, focusing on the migrant groups that lived within its bounds and their changing relationship to the state's central authorities. Unlike earlier studies that take an evolutionary view of tribe-state relations – casting the development of a state as a story in which nomadic tribes give way to settled populations – this book argues that mobile groups played an important role in shaping Ottoman institutions and, ultimately, the early republican structures of modern Turkey.Over much of the empire's long history, local interests influenced the development of the Ottoman state as authorities sought to enlist and accommodate the various nomadic groups in the region. In the early years of the empire, maintaining a nomadic presence, especially in frontier regions, was an important source of strength. Cooperation between the imperial center and tribal leaders provided the center with an effective way of reaching distant parts of the empire, while allowing tribal leaders to perpetuate their own authority and guarantee the tribes' survival as bearers of distinct cultures and identities. This relationship changed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as indigenous communities discovered new possibilities for expanding their own economic and political power by pursuing local, regional, and even global opportunities, independent of the Ottoman center.The loose, flexible relationship between the Ottoman center and migrant communities became a liability under these changing conditions, and the Ottoman state took its first steps toward settling tribes and controlling migrations. Finally, in the early twentieth century, mobility took another form entirely as ethnicity-based notions of nationality led to forced migrations.

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William Rademacher Healing and Developing Our Multiculturalism

This book is a theological/pastoral response to Vatican II's call to develop our cultures as outlined in section 2 of De Ecclesia in Mundo Huius Temporis: The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. It provides a historical perspective on the Church with brief outlines of the Church's relations to the Chinese, Jewish, Muslim, and Latino cultures. The author then reviews some of the defects in our present multiculturalism and suggests means for healing and developing our culture in the United States.

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Группа авторов Ancient Non-Greek Rhetorics

Ancient Non-Greek Rhetorics contributes to the recovery and understanding of ancient rhetorics in non-Western cultures and other cultures that developed independently of classical Greco-Roman models. Contributors analyze facets of the rhetorics as embedded within the particular cultures of ancient China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the ancient Near East more generally, Israel, Japan, India, and ancient Ireland.

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В. В. Кадыров Kyrgyzstan. Traditions of Nomads

Over the relentless passage of time the nomads were forced to change their lifestyle – in that they had to settle down. The seemingly «hard rock» of customs and traditions, once resolutely observed, began to be eroded away. Whilst some traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz nomadic tribes were left behind in the far-flung past, to be reflected in legends and eposes, (epic poems), others prevail to the present day, either unchanged or slightly transformed. The purpose of this book is to uncover for readers the diversity of national ceremonies, customs and traditions, born in those ancient times when the Kyrgyz people were still a nomadic people.

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Howard Morphy The Anthropology of Art

This anthology provides a single-volume overview of the essential theoretical debates in the anthropology of art. Drawing together significant work in the field from the second half of the twentieth century, it enables readers to appreciate the art of different cultures at different times. Advances a cross-cultural concept of art that moves beyond traditional distinctions between Western and non-Western art. Provides the basis for the appreciation of art of different cultures and times. Enhances readers’ appreciation of the aesthetics of art and of the important role it plays in human society.

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Nomadic Furniture 3. New Liberated Living

Do-it-Yourself and prosumer culture promise liberation from the traditional norms of culture and individual tastes – particularly in the digital era, where a wealth of new technologies, production methods and marketing strategies are being increasingly used. This volume shows the development of self-made furniture since the beginning of the DIY era and also offers numerous historical and current building instructions that are linked to a broader context of design and cultural history.In this book design history engages with everyday culture – the title is a reference to the legendary handbooks Nomadic Furniture and Nomadic Furniture 2 from the 1970s. Where did the DIY movement originate? Who are the protagonists? Where and how do they exchange ideas and knowledge? How important are freedom, creativity, sensuality and perfection for DIY? And is there really a market for it? Nomadic Furniture 3.0 offers a range of instructions for building both DIY classics and new concepts, which were carefully tested within the framework of the research and exhibition project Nomadic Furniture 3.0 at the MAK.

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Fons Trompenaars Business Across Cultures

Business Across Cultures is the keystone book in the Culture for Business series. It provides an overview of all subjects tackled in the other books of the series. Its particular aim is to provide executives with a cross-cultural perspective on how companies meet the diverse needs of customers, investors and employees; to introduce the main ideas in business in a multicultural context; and to show how they all fit together.

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Evgenij N. Chernykh. Two major dividing lines have formed the megastructure of Eurasia, determining the historical epochs of the continent s peoples. The first, vertical (longitudinal) line has separated East and West since the Paleolithic Age. The East was dominated by Mongol peoples speaking Sino -Tibetan, Manchu-Tungus, and Altaic languages. The Caucasoid peoples of the West spoke mostly ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World | Evgenij N Chernykh | ISBN: 9781618115522 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of Eurasian… von ...

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Evgenij N Chernykh (Author of Nomadic Cultures in the Mega ...

Evgenij N Chernykh is the author of Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World (0.0 avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews)

Chernykh, E(vgenij) N(ikolaevich) | Encyclopedia.com

CHERNYKH, E (vgenij) N (ikolaevich). Russian, b. 1935.


Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World by Evgenij N. Chernykh is a comprehensive work that examines the history of Eurasian nomadic peoples and their influence on world history and culture. Translated from the original Russian, it consists of an introduction, forty chapters organized into five parts, five appendixes, two extensive bibliographies – one for sources ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of Eurasian World ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of Eurasian World: Chernykh, Evgenij N.: Amazon.sg: Books

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World: Chernykh, Evgenij N, Savinetskaya, Irina, Hommel, Peter N: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven.

Mensch und Umwelt in der Bronzezeit Europas

Evgenij N. Chernykh Ancient mining and metallurgy in Eastern Europe: ecological problems 129 Ernst Pernicka Die Ausbreitung der Zinnbronze im 3. Jahrtausend 135 Anthony Harding Resources and their distribution in the European Bronze Age 149 Christos G. Doumas Metallurgy and the so-called Battle Axe: The Tool of a Trade? 157 Rüdiger Krause Zur Entwicklung der frühbronzezeitlichen Metallurgie ...

Amazon.com: Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the ...

Evgenij N. Chernykh is a Russian archaeologist. A Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he is the Head of the Laboratory of the Scientific Methods of the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Professor Chernykh is the author of more than 400 scholarly publications primarily focusing on the scientific methodology in archaeological studies; the ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of Eurasian World ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Achetez le livre Couverture rigide, Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World de Evgenij N. Chernykh sur Indigo.ca, la plus grande librairie au Canada. L’expédition à domicile et la cueillette en magasin sont gratuites pour les commandes admissibles.

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Two major dividing lines have...

(PDF) Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World. By Evgenij N. Chernykh. Trans. Irina Savinetskaya and Peter N. Hommel. Brighton, Mass: Academic Studies Press, 2017. 689 pp. Appendix.

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nationalism politics and practice archaeology ...

Philip L. Kohl, Clare Fawcett, Bernard Wailes, Amy L. Zoll, Margarita Diaz-Andreu, Katina Lillios, Bettina Arnold, Henning Hassmann, Timothy Kaiser, David W. Anthony ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World [1/31/2017] Evgenij N. Chernykh on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World [1/31/2017] Evgenij N. Chernykh

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

The Hardcover of the Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World by Evgenij N. Chernykh at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35 or. Due to COVID-19, orders may be delayed. Thank you for your patience. Book Annex Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores & Events Help Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World: Chernykh, Evgenij N, Savinetskaya, Irina, Hommel, Peter N: Amazon.com.mx: Libros

Forbidden Archeology von Michael A. Cremo; Richard L ...

Over the centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts proving that humans like us have existed for millions of years. Mainstream science, however, has suppressed these facts.

Archeology and Crafts portofrei bei bücher.de bestellen

Der Band behandelt prähistorische Handwerkstechniken, experimentelle Archäologie und ihre Anwendung in archäologischen Freilichtmuseen in Europa.

Jewgeni Nikolajewitsch Trubezkoi – Wikipedia

Fürst Jewgeni Nikolajewitsch Trubezkoi (russisch Евгений Николаевич Трубецкой, wiss. Transliteration Evgenij Nikolaevič Trubeckoj; * 23. September jul. / 5. Oktober 1863 greg. auf dem Gut Achtyrka bei Moskau; † 10. Januar jul. / 23. Januar 1920 greg. bei Noworossijsk) war ein russischer Philosoph und Publizist

Evgenij Chernykh | Institute of Archaeology Russian ...

Evgenij Chernykh, Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory "Nature Sciences in Archaeology", Faculty Member. Studies Nature of Science. I was born in December 1935.

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Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Chernykh, Evgenij N. & Savinetskaya, Irina & Hommel, Peter N. Publisher. Academic Studies Press. Publication Date. 2017. Buy This Book. $133.00. plus shipping $156.99. free shipping worldwide. By purchasing books through this website, you support our non-profit organization. Ancient History Encyclopedia receives a small commission for each book sold through our affiliate partners ...

Evgenij (chrnkhzhenja) на Pinterest

Посмотрите, что нашел пользователь Evgenij (chrnkhzhenja) на Pinterest — самой большой в мире коллекции идей.

Alexander Chernykh - Elite Prospects

Eliteprospects.com hockey player profile of Alexander Chernykh, 1965-09-12 Voskresensk, RUS Russia. Most recently in the Soviet with Khimik Voskresensk. Complete player biography and stats.

N.K. Roerich hat die Ein-Dollar-Banknote nicht entworfen ...

N.K. Roerich hat die Ein-Dollar-Banknote nicht entworfen Offener Brief an die Zeitung "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Im März 2009 erschien in der Zeitung "Komsomolskaya Pravda" eine Artikelserie [1] von Evgenij Chernykh über den US-Dollar und die Gründe für die Weltwirtschaftskrise. Der Autor behauptet, dass "in den amerikanischen Dollar geheime Symbole von unserem Maler und Mystiker Nicholas ...

Evgeny Chernykh - руководитель отдела продаж - A-SECURITY ...

Evgeny Chernykh. Ganzes Profil ansehen. Ganzes Profil ansehen. Angestellt, руководитель отдела продаж, A-SECURITY. Yekaterinburg, Russische Föderation. Logg Dich ein, um alle Einträge zu sehen. Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse. Bitte einloggen, um alle Einträge zu sehen. продажи. менеджмент. управление. Werdegang ...

List of minor planet discoverers - Wikipedia

This is a list of minor-planet discoverers credited by the Minor Planet Center with the discovery of one or several minor planets (such as near-Earth and main-belt asteroids, Jupiter trojans and distant objects). As of June 2020, the discovery of 546,077 numbered minor planets are credited to 1041 astronomers and 245 observatories, telescopes or surveys (see § Discovering dedicated institutions).

Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian ...

Fishpond Australia, Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World by Evgenij N Chernykh Irina SavinetskayaBuy . Books online: Nomadic Cultures in the Mega-Structure of the Eurasian World, 2017, Fishpond.com.au

Evgenia Chernykh - RMIT University - Other | LinkedIn

View Evgenia Chernykh’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Evgenia has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Evgenia’s ...

F A Die Anfänge der Metallurgie in der Alten Welt The ...

Evgenij N. Chernykh Some of the most important aspects and problems of early Metal Age studying 25 Martin Bartelheim, Kerstin Eckstein, Melitta Huijsmans, Robert Krauß und Ernst Pernicka

Chernykh Evgenii - Real Münster - FuPa

Chernykh Evgenii Real Münster noch nicht zugeordnet 20/21 Alter: 29 Jahre Position: Abwehr Als Spieler: 🎽6 Einsätze ⚽5 Tore

Chernyshev, Dr. Evgeniy – Die Auswärtige Presse e.V.

Freier Journalist und Historiker. Paulstr. 10, 10557 Berlin. Tel. 007 4012 750424. [email protected] Mitarbeiter der Preußischen Allgemeinen Zeitung

Evgenii Chernykh - Account-Managerin - Sberbank | LinkedIn

View Evgenii Chernykh’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Evgenii has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Evgenii’s ...

Suchergebnisse - "yRGKArch05 - WirtsHandwRohmaMetal"

Begleithefte zur Dauerausstellung im Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte Halle ; Bd. 4 Halle (Saale) : Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie Sachsen-Anhalt Halle(Saale), 2011. Umfang/Format: 208 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.

Evgenij Volvakov - электрик - ТОО АЗТМ | XING

Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Evgenij Volvakov direkt bei XING.

Cheap Mega Cookbooks Of Cookbooks. Wholesale Mega ...

Mega Cookbooks Of Cookbooks on Sale. Wide inventory of Mega Cookbooks Of Cookbooks for sale. Pick the best Mega Cookbooks Of Cookbooks to suit your need at wholesale deals.

Chernykh – Wikipedia

Chernykh (englische Schreibweise von Tschernych) bezeichnet: (2325) Chernykh, Asteroid; Ljudmila Iwanowna Tschernych (1935–2017), russische Astronomin; Nikolai Stepanowitsch Tschernych (1931–2004), russischer Astronom; Sergei Tschernych (* 1972), russischer Skilangläufer; Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe. Diese Seite ...

Eugene Chernykh - Новосибирская область, Россия | Профиль ...

См. профиль участника Eugene Chernykh в LinkedIn, крупнейшем в мире сообществе специалистов. В профиле участника Eugene указано 3 места работы. Просмотрите полный профиль участника Eugene в LinkedIn и узнайте о его(ее) контактах и ...

Nikolai Chernykh - Wikipedia

Biography and work. Chernykh was born in the Russian city of Usman in Voronezh Oblast, in present-day Lipetsk Oblast.He specialized in astrometry and the dynamics of small bodies in the Solar System and worked at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory from 1963.. Chernykh discovered two periodic comets 74P/Smirnova–Chernykh and 101P/Chernykh.He also discovered a very large number of asteroids ...

(3601) Velikhov | SpringerLink

Discovered 1979 Sept. 22 by N. S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj. Named in honor of Evgenij Pavlovich Velikhov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, renowned for his research in plasma physics, magnetohydrodynamics and controllable thermonuclear synthesis. He is the president of the International Center for Scientific Culture-World Laboratory. (M ...

the-culture-of-judicial-independence-in-a-globalised-world ...

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Abidin Kusno Visual Cultures of the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks Gender in History. Global Perspectives

Updated with new material to reflect the latest developments in the field, Gender in History: Global Perspectives, 2nd Edition, provides a concise overview of the construction of gender in world cultures from the Paleolithic era to modern times. Includes examples drawn from the most recent scholarship relating to a diverse range of cultures, from Ancient Mesopotamia to post-Soviet Russia, and from the Igbo of Nigeria, to the Iroquois of north eastern North America. Reflects new developments in the field with added coverage of primates, slavery, colonialism, masculinity, and transgender issues Features significant discussion of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, an important trend in the study of world history Lays out key theoretical and methodological issues in an introduction that is written in accessible language Supplementary material for instructors and students available at www.wiley.com/go/wiesnerhanks

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Christianne Meroz Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus, the rabbi of Nazareth, was always on the move. Therefore, shadowing him, following in his footsteps, amounts to being engaged in a continual process of becoming, of reinventing oneself, of being born anew every day. This nomadic lifestyle, which fosters simplification and improvisation, is paradoxically also very enriching–to the point of transforming us into pilgrims on the way to the messianic age.

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Группа авторов Film Manifestos and Global Cinema Cultures

Film Manifestos and Global Cinema Cultures is the first book to collect manifestoes from the global history of cinema, providing the first historical and theoretical account of the role played by film manifestos in filmmaking and film culture. Focusing equally on political and aesthetic manifestoes, Scott MacKenzie uncovers a neglected, yet nevertheless central history of the cinema, exploring a series of documents that postulate ways in which to re-imagine the cinema and, in the process, re-imagine the world. This volume collects the major European “waves” and figures (Eisenstein, Truffaut, Bergman, Free Cinema, Oberhausen, Dogme ‘95); Latin American Third Cinemas (Birri, Sanjinés, Espinosa, Solanas); radical art and the avant-garde (Buñuel, Brakhage, Deren, Mekas, Ono, Sanborn); and world cinemas (Iimura, Makhmalbaf, Sembene, Sen). It also contains previously untranslated manifestos co-written by figures including Bollaín, Debord, Hermosillo, Isou, Kieslowski, Painlevé, Straub, and many others. Thematic sections address documentary cinema, aesthetics, feminist and queer film cultures, pornography, film archives, Hollywood, and film and digital media. Also included are texts traditionally left out of the film manifestos canon, such as the Motion Picture Production Code and Pius XI's Vigilanti Cura, which nevertheless played a central role in film culture.

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Brian C. Bernards Writing the South Seas

Postcolonial literature about the South Seas, or Nanyang, examines the history of Chinese migration, localization, and interethnic exchange in Southeast Asia, where Sinophone settler cultures evolved independently by adapting to their «New World» and mingling with native cultures. Writing the South Seas explains why Nanyang encounters, neglected by most literary histories, should be considered crucial to the national literatures of China and Southeast Asia.

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Natasha Distiller Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa

This book explores the power of print and the politics of the book in South Africa from a range of disciplinary perspectives?historical, bibliographic, literary-critical, sociological, and cultural studies. The essays collected here, by leading international scholars, address a range of topics as varied as: the role of print cultures in contests over the nature of the colonial public sphere in the nineteenth century; orthography; iimbongi, orature and the canon; book- collecting and libraries; print and transnationalism; Indian Ocean cosmopolitanisms; books in war; how the fates of South African texts, locally and globally, have been affected by their material instantiations; photocomics and other ephemera; censorship, during and after apartheid; books about art and books as art; local academic publishing; and the challenge of ?book history? for literary and cultural criticism in contemporary South Africa.

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Patrick Vinton Kirch On the Road of the Winds

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the earth&rsquo;s surface and encompasses many thousands of islands that are home to numerous human societies and cultures. Among these indigenous Oceanic cultures are the intrepid Polynesian double-hulled canoe navigators, the atoll dwellers of Micronesia, the statue carvers of remote Easter Island, and the famed traders of Melanesia. Decades of archaeological excavations&mdash;combined with allied research in historical linguistics, biological anthropology, and comparative ethnography&mdash;have revealed much new information about the long-term history of these societies and cultures.&#160;<I>On the Road of the Winds</I>&#160;synthesizes the grand sweep of human history in the Pacific Islands, beginning with the movement of early people out from Asia more than 40,000 years ago and tracing the development of myriad indigenous cultures up to the time of European contact in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. This updated edition, enhanced with many new illustrations and an extensive bibliography, synthesizes the latest archaeological, linguistic, and biological discoveries that reveal the vastness of ancient history in the Pacific Islands.

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Caroline N. Mbonu Handmaid

A project of women's advancement in society and church life engages a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in its quest for social transformation. In recent decades, governments, particularly in Africa, have employed various political, economic, and other social modi operandi in their attempt to advance women's participation more fully in society. The discussions on these pages seek to contribute to the women's discourse with insights from the theology and culture; more specifically, from name designation. The expression, what is in a name, falls flat on its face in most African cultures as well as the cultures that produced the Bible. In these traditions, a name is not merely a convenient collocation of sounds by which a person could be identified. Rather a name represents a story and can express something of the essence of that which is named. The power inherent in the way names are constructed and interpreted, both in terms of the Handmaid in the New Testament and more directly in the Igbo culture, contribute to the strengthening of patriarchy. Such construal potentially exclude women from full participation in social processes, and in so doing deprive society as a whole of the synergy of human potential. The discussion of Mary as Handmaid centers on the role of women in Catholic theology, so she becomes the vehicle for examining the role of the second-class citizen assigned to women in the Church, then and now. Drawing from textual and oral history, the book reinterprets in a liberative manner female names both from Igbo tradition as well as Chinua Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah. Thus the freight that a name designation carries makes imperative the exploration of its redemptive significance.

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Toni Lindl Atlas of Living Cell Cultures

The first atlas in many years giving researchers a good visual reference of the status of their cell lines. Given the increasing importance of well defined cellular models in particular in biomedical research this is a sorely needed resource for everyone performing cell culture.

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Ben Burt The Museum of Mankind

The Museum of Mankind was an innovative and popular showcase for minority cultures from around the non-Western world from 1970 to 1997. This memoir is a critical appreciation of its achievements in the various roles of a national museum, of the personalities of its staff and of the issues raised in the representation of exotic cultures. Issues of changing museum theory and practice are raised in a detailed case-study that also focuses on the social life of the museum community. This is the first history of a remarkable museum and a memorable interlude in the long history of one of the world’s oldest and greatest museums. Although not presented as an academic study, it should be useful for museum and cultural studies as a well as a wider readership interested in the British Museum.

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