Kin Yip Louie The Beauty of the Triune God

The eighteenth-century Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards has become popular again in contemporary theological discussion. Central to Edwards' theology is his concept of beauty. Delattre wrote the standard work on this topic half a century ago. However, Delattre approaches Edwards mainly as a philosopher, and he does not address how Edwards employs the concept of beauty to explain and defend traditional Reformed doctrines. Recent writings by McClymond, Holmes, and others have shown that defending the Reformed tradition is a fundamental concern of Edwards. This work reveals how Edwards, starting with the common notion that beauty means the appropriate proportional relationship, develops a theological aesthetic that contributes to a rational understanding of major doctrines such as the Trinity, Christology, and eschatology. It shows that Edwards is both an innovative speculative theologian and a staunch defender of Reformed orthodoxy.

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Adam Dodds The Mission of the Triune God

Lesslie Newbigin was arguably the greatest missionary thinker of the twentieth century. After a successful missionary career in south India, Newbigin pioneered missionary engagement with the secular West and resurgent Islam. He also led the way in arguing that the Church's mission can only be understood in light of the doctrine of the Trinity. Over fifty years ago, Newbigin called for the further development of missionary thinking grounded in the Triune being of God. This work is in response to that call. Adam Dodds provides the first in-depth study of Newbigin's trinitarian theology of mission. Dodds constructs a systematic account of the central features of the mission of the Triune God: the Triune being of God, the mission of the Son, the mission of the Holy Spirit, and the mission of the church. This book contributes to our understanding of the work of Lesslie Newbigin, offers a systematic theological account of the mission of the Triune God, and contributes to the retrieval of Christian mission from the theological margins back to a place of central importance to Christian theology.

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Stephen M. Garrett God's Beauty-in-Act

Jurgen Moltmann and others contend that Christian theology and the church face a dual crisis–one of relevance and the other of identity. Despite making this pronouncement nearly forty years ago, the church in the West continues to struggle with this crisis. Several proposals have been espoused, from the way of wisdom to the way of ecclesial praxis. Yet, little attention is given in Protestant theological discourse to the role God's beauty plays in bringing theology and ethics together. By neglecting God's beauty for theological discourse, we risk diminishing Christian worship, witness, and wisdom.
God's Beauty-in-Act addresses these issues, in part, by arguing that the redemptive-creative suffering and glorious resurrection of Christ are the nexus of God's being, beauty, and Christian living. God's beauty, understood as the fittingness of the incarnate Son's actions in the Spirit to the Father's will, radiates God's glory and draws perceivers into the dramatic movements of God's triune life. These movements serve as the patterns that shape the imagination, enabling participants to perform their parts creatively and fittingly in God's drama of redemption. In doing so, human beings flourish as they jettison false identities and realities of their own making that are incommensurate with God's purpose found in Christ by the Spirit.

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Imad N. Shehadeh God With Us and Without Us, Volume Two

While volume 1 stressed the inevitability of Oneness in Trinity, this second volume of God With Us and Without Us demonstrates the beauty and life-transforming power of Oneness in Trinity. The nature of the eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit stands in contrast with the nature of God in Absolute Oneness. Dr Imad N. Shehadeh elucidates through careful argumentation and detailed critical thinking, why Oneness in Trinity is to be prized and what God would look like if He were not triune.
By addressing the beauty and power of Oneness in Trinity, this book deepens our understanding of the Trinity as the solid foundation of all other doctrines. Dr Shehadeh explains the eternal activity of God outside creation, i.e., without us, as the stimulus of His activity within creation, i.e., with us. Dr Shehadeh also addresses the theological debate concerning the eternal generation of the Son and the eternal procession of the Holy Spirit. Most importantly however, this book convinces us of, and magnifies for us, the life-transforming power of the triune God.

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Daniel Castelo Confessing the Triune God

At the heart of Christian witness is the confession of the triune God. Confessing the Triune God seeks to extend a conversation on Christianity's first article by way of locating Trinitarianism in the life of the worshiping faithful. It does so through an ongoing dialectic between broad and particular confessional lines. Its breadth is constituted by an ongoing assessment of ecumenical consensus and scholarly debates related to Trinitarianism; its repeated framing stems from and returns to the Wesleyan and Methodist family of traditions. In this way, Christian commitments regarding the Trinity can be depicted for their wide appeal as well as their particular logic within a specific worshiping community. The work seeks to guide readers through a process of growing awareness of how the dogma of the Trinity is central to all that Christians say, do, and hope to be.

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Robert B. Callahan Sr. The Triune God Speaks to the Saints

The Triune God speaks to the saints and in so doing proclaims God's will and the spiritual blessings available from Him, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. It starts with doctrine, God's call, Christ's teachings, trusting Him, and knowing the Word. The Word is essential, it needs to be the whole Word of God revealing His being, nature, teachings, and commands. It culminates in stressing the importance of prayer, in giving thanks, receiving wisdom in the knowledge of Him, being enlightened, knowing the hope of His calling, and believing in His mighty power as we walk through life with Jesus encountering its trials, tests, and tribulations as well as experiencing its joys, blessings, and gifts with a grateful heart.

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Группа авторов Scripture and Metaphysics

This book makes a major contribution to contemporary theological and philosophical debates, bridging scriptural and metaphysical approaches to the triune God. Bridges the gap between scriptural and metaphysical approaches to biblical narratives. Retrieves Aquinas’s understanding of theology as contemplative wisdom. Structured around Aquinas’s treatise on the triune God in his ‘Summa Theologiae’. Argues that intellectual contemplation is part of a broader spiritual journey towards a better understanding of God. Contributes to the current resurgence of Thomistic theology in both Protestant and Catholic circles.

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Elochukwu Eugene Uzukwu God, Spirit, and Human Wholeness

The Holy Spirit provides access to relationship with and reflection on the Triune God. In West Africa, Christians approach the Triune God in a way that challenges the Jewish-Christian memory. Deeply rooted in their ancestral memory, where living is relationality, they embrace the Trinitarian faith, the economy of the relational God-Christ-Spirit, by expanding and reinventing their indigenous experience of God, deities, spirits, and ancestors. Christian faith-practice is marked by the spectacular dominance of the Holy Spirit, whose charisms reflect the operations of deities. African Initiated Churches (AICs), Protestant and Catholic charismatic movements, experience God-Spirit's liberating and healing hand for the enhancement and realization of communal and individual destiny (what one expects from a concerned providential deity).
This book argues that the emergent West African Trinitarian imagination is in harmony with Hebrew insight into the One and Only Yahweh of the patriarchs that assumed the dimensions of Elohim, God–experienced as a sound of sheer silence by Elijah, and proposed in utter weakness as the Only God by Deutero-Isaiah–the God that Jesus called Abba, Father. As Spirit and Life, the Holy Spirit, which is the source of all charisms (Origen), is our link to the Trinity.

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Vincent J. Pastro The Preaching Church

This book proposes a theology of preaching from the perspective of the poor. Traditional homiletic methodology concentrates on the «how» of preaching. Pastro maintains that the real question for a renewal of preaching is theological, the «who» of the preaching. The center of the «who» is the Triune God living in the poor community.

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W. Ross Hastings Echoes of Coinherence

This book re-imagines the universe (and the scientific study of it) through the lens of a triune Creator, three persons of irreducible identity in a perichoretic or coinherent communion. It modestly proposes that Trinitarian theology, and especially the coinherent natures of the Son in the incarnation, provides the metaphysic or «theory of everything» that manifests itself in the subject matter of science. The presence of the image of the triune God in humanity and of traces of this God in the non-human creation are discussed, highlighting ontological resonances between God and creation (resonances between the being of God and his creation), such as goodness, immensity-yet-particularity, intelligibility, agency, relationality, and beauty. This Trinitarian reality suggests there should be a similarity also with respect to how we know in theology and science (critical realism), something reflected in the history of ideas in each. These resonances lead to the conclusion that the disciplines of theology and science are, in fact, coinherent, not conflicted. This involves recognition of both the mutuality of these vocations and also, importantly, their particularity. Science, its own distinct guild, yet finds its place ensconced within an encyclopedic theology, and subject to first-order, credal theology.

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The Beauty of the Triune God: Louie, Kin Yip, Fergusson ...

In this vein, The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards by Kin Yip Louie holds promise for those seeking to explore what a Christian theory of aesthetic might look like. Louie admits that his work is largely descriptive and not proscriptive. He explores Edwards' thinking on beauty and metaphysics, God, Christ and eschatology. This to me is the strength of the ...

The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics ...

In this vein, The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards by Kin Yip Louie holds promise for those seeking to explore what a Christian theory of aesthetic might look like. Louie admits that his work is largely descriptive and not proscriptive. He explores Edwards' thinking on beauty and metaphysics, God, Christ and eschatology. This to me is the strength of the ...

Kin Yip Louie (Author of The Beauty of the Triune God)

Kin Yip Louie is the author of The Beauty of the Triune God (4.33 avg rating, 6 ratings, 2 reviews, published 2013) and The Beauty of the Triune God (0.0...

The Beauty of the Triune God : Kin Yip Louie : 9781610972437

The Beauty of the Triune God by Kin Yip Louie, 9781610972437, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

WRF Board Member Kin Yip Louie Publishes "The Beauty of ...

WRF Board Member Kin Yip Louie Publishes "The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards" August 12, 2013 Sam Logan. Log in to post comments; Printer-friendly version; The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards . By . WRF Board Member Kin Yip Louie NOTE: The book was published by Pickwick Publications (Wipf and Stock) of Eugene, Oregon, in 2013, and is a part ...

[PDF] Download ↠ The Beauty of the Triune God | by Í Kin ...

The Beauty of the Triune God About the Contributor s Kin Yip Louie is Assistant Professor of Theology at China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong He is the author of various articles in the CGST Journal and other Chinese pu . Title: The Beauty of the Triune God; Author: Kin Yip Louie David A.S. Fergusson Samuel T. Logan Jr. ISBN: 9781610972437; Page: 269; Format: Paperback; About the ...

The Beauty Of The Triune God The Theological Aesthetics Of ...

The Beauty Of The Triune God By Kin Yip Louie the beauty of the triune god book read 2 reviews from the worlds largest community for readers about the contributors kin yip louie is assistant pr The Beauty Of The Triune God Wipfandstockcom the beauty of the triune god will prove to be a major contribution it shows convincingly the significance of doctrinal orientation in edwards aesthetics as ...

The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics ...

The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards (Princeton Theological Monograph Series Book 201) eBook: Kin Yip Louie, David A. S. Fergusson, Samuel T. Jr. Logan: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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WRF Board Member, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies of China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong

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The Beauty of the Triune God [Kin Louie] is 20% off every day at WipfandStock.com. The eighteenth-century Puritan theologian Jonathan Edwards has become popular again in contemporary theological discussion. Central to Edwards' theology is . . .

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The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards by Louie, Kin Yip and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com.

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WRF Board Member Kin Yip Louie Publishes "The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards" August 12, 2013. Those who read this book will find the incredible and majestic beauty of the God whom Edwards worshipped both clear and compelling. more. WRF Member Glenn Davies Named Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Australia. August 9, 2013. There is now ANOTHER Anglican ...

Dr Kin Yip Louie | Rutherford Centre for Reformed Theology

The Spirituality of Seeking Justice,” in A Call to Political Engagement,(Chinese) eds. Kin Yip Louie and Joyce Wai Lan Sun (Hong Kong: China Graduate School of Theology, 2017) The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards.Forewords by David A. S. Fergusson and Samuel T. Logan, Jr. (Princeton Theological Monograph Series 201; Eugene: Pickwick, 2013) Register for ...

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The Beauty of the Triune God. Kin Yip Louie. 29 Jul 2013. Paperback. US$29.93. Add to basket. The Beauty of the Triune God. Kin Yip Louie. 29 Jul 2013. Hardback. US$47.00. Add to basket. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Follow us. Explore. About us; Sitemap; Bookmarks; Sign in/Join; How can we help? Help ; Contact us; Where's my stuff? Where do ...

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Kin Yip Louie, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, Theology Department, Faculty Member. Studies Book of Psalms, Theology, and Biblical Studies.

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See more of Kin Yip on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Kin Yip. Fast Food Restaurant . 5. 5 out of 5 stars. Community See All. 50 people like this. 52 people follow this . About See All. 24 Lister Road Kidderminster, UK DY11 6NN +44 1562 744334. Contact Kin Yip on Messenger. Fast Food Restaurant · Bar. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing ...


107 5 6 Protestants 7 19 60 1861–1865 5 William Lee Miller, “The Moral Project of the American Founders,” in Articles of Faith, Articles of Peace: The Religious Liberty Clauses and the American Public Philosophy, ed. James D. Hunter and Os Guinness (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1990), 30

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The Beauty of the Triune God - Kin Yip Louie - 洋書の購入は楽天ブックスで。全品送料無料!購入毎に「楽天ポイント」が貯まってお得!みんなのレビュー・感想も満載。

David A.S. Fergusson (Foreword of The Beauty of the Triune ...

David A.S. Fergusson is the author of Bultmann (3.75 avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews), John and Donald Baillie (0.0 avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, pu...

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Kin Yip Louie Reaches Out to Young People in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an iconic city bridging Western and Eastern culture. For 150 years it was under British rule, which sheltered it from the upheaval of China’s Communist revolution in the 1950s. In 1997, when the British ceded Hong Kong’s territory back to China, it was designated as a nearly autonomous region. Amid this rich history of ...

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【說到做到,勇往直前】 kin to,喜愛旅遊,攝影,音樂的香港人。 對日本有極大興趣,音樂,文化,攝影,拍片。 想知道有關更多kin to的日常生活 ...

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The China Graduate School of Theology (CGST) is a theological seminary in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.The President is Stephen Lee, who succeeded Carver Yu in 2013. CGST is accredited by the Asia Theological Association to offer Master of Christian Studies, Master of Divinity, and Master of Theology degrees. It is also a member of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia.

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Louie Guay. Louie K. Fong. Louie Moon Yip. Louie P. Wong. Louie S. Chew. Louie S. Kwong (aka Sun Kwong Louie) Louie W Chung. Louie William Chung. Louis B. Lee (aka Jimmie Lee) Louis Lee. Louis Leong. Louis Lum . Louis Wing, Jr. Louis Wong. Louis Yat Ling. Louis Yook Ming. Loy Fook Mah. Loy H. Locke. Loy Lum. Loy S. Chin. Lui Gain Thyn. Lui Wong. Lun Fat Chin. Lun Fung Chan. Lun Kim Ng. Lun N ...

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PT Kin Yip Semarang Sementara Berhenti Beroperasi: Karyawan Rela Mengundurkan Diri, Bukan Dipaksa Perusahaan tekstil, PT Kin Yip Bags and Hats Indonesia, menjadi satu dari sekian perusahaan yang terdampak pandemi Covid-19.

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Gladstrong Investments Limited. 852-23413211 / 23457828 [email protected] 852- 27979112. Flat A, 1/F, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 460-470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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Kin Yip Huizhou PC Board Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes printed circuit boards. The Company produces printer double sided boards, card reader double sided boards, audio products double ...

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Founded in 1968, Kin Yip Electric Products Limited is a renowned and experienced manufacturer for electronic accessories in Hong Kong, focusing on product quality, safety and reliability. We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of products such as switches, plugs, adaptors, sockets, extension leads, lampholders, pattress boxes, junction boxes, and metal parts etc. In 1987, we have invested ...

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TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG - Ratusan karyawan perusahaan tekstil, PT Kin Yip, yang terkena pemutusan hubungan kerja (PHK) mengadu ke Dinas Ketenagakerjaan (Disnaker) Kota Semarang.. Mereka menuntut pesangon yang harusnya mereka terima sejak diberhentikan dari pekerjaan. Para karyawan yang diwakili kuasa hukum M Muhron dari LBH Demak Raya, mengatakan total karyawan PT Kin Yip yang berada di ...

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KIN YIP TECHNOLOGY ELECTRONICS (HUIZHOU) CO LTD. XIANGSHUI RIVER INDUSTRIAL AREADAYABAY ECONOMIC & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT ZONE HUIZHOU CITY Shipper Registration Number. SN. Shipper Domestic HQ. Jianye Technology Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Shipment Origin. China. Port of Unlading. Querétaro (MX) Port of Unlading (Original Format) QUERETARO, SANTIAGO DE QUERETARO, QUERETARO. Country of ...

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Miniso director Wing Kin Yip said the restructure has enabled them to retain the majority of their stores, and now has plans to open a further 15 stores by the end of 2021. Miniso operates 3500 stores across 79 countries.

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Eduard Borysov Triadosis: Union with the Triune God

The complex nature of Christian communion with a personal God requires a nuanced expression. Since its inception, the early church affirmed God's unknowable nature and also participation in God through Christ. The church fathers employed the language of theosis in talking about union with God and human transformation in the likeness of God. However, the term theosis or deification is a broad category and requires precise explanation to avoid human dissolution in the divine in the mystical union. This book addresses the conundrum of imparticipable divine nature and personal union between human and the Trinity. If God is Trinity, then we are created and restored in the image of tripersonal God.

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Jarvis Streeter God and the History of the Universe

The popular belief that a scientific understanding of reality is incompatible with a Christian one is simply wrong.
Some Christian understandings of reality do conflict with some scientific understandings. But a thoroughly rational Christian understanding of the origin and history of the universe will be informed by the best scientific theories and the «facts» founded on them.
This book weaves a narrative of the origin and history of the universe from the perspective of contemporary science with a Christian understanding of God and of God's role in the origin and history of the universe.
At the center of this integrated narrative is the view that God, who is pure, unbounded Love, is Creator: the zest for life in the universe comes from God, and God is the source of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in the universe.
God is amazed and delighted at what God-and-the-world has created; God is saddened by ways creatures have fallen short of pure, unbounded Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; and God's pure, unbounded Love keeps on trying to persuade all creatures toward Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

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E. L. Mascall The Triune God

Pierce Taylor Hibbs Finding God in the Ordinary

We tend to look for God in the grand and spectacular, but most of our lives are filled with ordinary moments and routines: drinking coffee, reading a book, driving to work. Can we find God in the banalities of everyday life? In Finding God in the Ordinary, the author shows that we can, and that we must. Our world is not an ordinary world. Because it was spoken into being and maintained by the word of God's power (Heb 1:3), everything around us is always revealing the nature and character of the triune God. Our world is extraordinarily ordinary, always calling our attention to the God of glory and his work in the commonplace.

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Michael L. Chiavone The One God

In what sense is God one? How can those who worship Jesus Christ, his Father, and the Holy Spirit claim to be monotheists? These questions were answered by the early church, and their answering analogies, models, and language have come down to the church today. However, theology is not stagnant, and the twentieth century has seen several new models of the Trinity emerge. Many of these models have focused on the three persons without adequately considering the consequences for the unity of God. The One God seeks to develop an understanding of the unity of the Triune God by examining the positions put forward by Karl Rahner, Millard Erickson, John Zizioulas, and Wolfhart Pannenberg. After carefully presenting and critically examining each of these positions, this book offers a synthesis: an understanding of the unity of God that is historically informed, theologically adequate, internally coherent, and able to explain Christian monotheism in a new century. By affirming both the singular divine essence of God and the genuine, eternal interdependence of distinct divine persons in God, The One God affirms the personal and the natural levels of ontology, both crucial for understanding God, humanity, and the world.

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Sri Aurobindo All Life Is Yoga: The Beauty of the Future

"To find highest beauty is to find God; to reveal, to embody, to create, as we say, highest beauty is to bring out of our souls the living image and power of God." (Sri Aurobindo)
"Sri Aurobindo came to tell the world of the beauty of the future that must be realised. He came to give not a hope but a certitude of the splendour towards which the world moves. The world is not an unfortunate accident, it is a marvel which moves towards its expression. The world needs the certitude of the beauty of the future. And Sri Aurobindo has given that assurance." (The Mother)

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Michael H. Mitias Seeking God

Seeking God is a Platonic dialogue on the nature of the religious experience and the conditions under which this experience is possible. The dialogue takes place between three characters, a philosopher, a Sufi, and a Christian monk. They meet in the Syrian Desert and share their views and experiences on what it takes to have a union with God. The main premise that is presented and analyzed in the dialogue is that God reveals himself in nature, human civilization, and the human heart. Love is the beginning and end of the path that leads to the quest for God and the light that illumines this path. Living from the standpoint of the Divine is the basis of the good life. This book presents a vivid picture of the beauty and sublimity of the Divine, the joy of the religious experience, and the joy of life.

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Ryan L. Rippee That God May Be All in All

Christology and Pneumatology have long been major preoccupations for theologians, and rightly so, but the work of God the Father has been surprisingly neglected.
Through a biblical and exegetical study of the Father's person and work (Paterology), this book argues that, among the persons of the Trinity, the Father is the initiator of all divine activity. Furthermore, it is in the context of a loving eternal relationship with the Son and Spirit that the Father has planned and purposed all things, creating through the Son and by the Spirit, promising and accomplishing redemption through the sending of the Son and the Spirit, and perfecting salvation by bringing about a new heavens and new earth through his Son and Spirit. The only proper response is a Trinitarian-shaped life of worship that worships our Triune God.

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Группа авторов The Beauty of God’s House

For thirty years, Stratford Caldecott has been an inspirational figure in liturgy, fantasy literature, graphic novels, spirituality, education, ecology and social theory. Hundreds of people have learned from his spiritual approaches to the great existential questions. The Beauty of God's House is a Festschrift dedicated to him. The book seeks to cover the whole range of Caldecott's interests, from poetics to politics. Anyone interested in the field of theology and the arts will find much to intrigue them in this delightful multi-authored volume. The common core of Stratford's interests is in the beauty of the cosmos and how it reflects the beauty of God. This book is about the beauty of God's «realm,» and it conceives God's realm as the arts, politics, liturgy, religions, and human life. It touches on the many places where beauty and spirituality overlap. It is an engagement in theological aesthetics that goes well beyond the «aesthetic.»

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Brendan Thomas Sammon The God Who Is Beauty

When in the sixth century Dionysius the Areopagite declared beauty to be a name for God, he gave birth to something that had long been gestating in the womb of philosophical and theological thought. In doing so, Dionysius makes one of his most pivotal contributions to Christian theological discourse. It is a contribution that is enthusiastically received by the schoolmen of the Middle Ages, and it comes to permeate the thought of scholasticism in a multitude of ways. But perhaps nowhere is the Dionysian influence more pronounced than in the thought of Thomas Aquinas.
This book examines both the historical development of beauty's appropriation as a name for God in Dionysius and Thomas, and the various contours of what it means. The argument that emerges from this study is that given the impact that the divine name theological tradition has within the development of Christian theological discourse, beauty as a divine name indicates the way in which beauty is most fundamentally conceived in the Christian theological tradition as a theological theme. As a phenomenon of inquiry, beauty proves itself to be enigmatic and elusive to even the sharpest intellects in the Greek philosophical tradition. When it is absorbed within the Christian theological synthesis, however, its enigmatic content proves to be a powerful resource for theological reasoning.

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